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GODBEX is a supply and demand-based trading platform, representing the simplest and the most cost-effective way to trade and store physical precious metals.

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Innovative Trading Model

GODBEX offers a supply and demand-based model of trading in physical precious metals. Registered users are able to trade certified gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars for the lowest fees in the industry.

Various Trading

You can choose from a variety of trading options, from the simplest for beginners to the most advanced ones for experienced traders, from Instant Buy options to Auto Orders. Customize the dashboard so it fits your trading needs.

100 % Allocated Storage

GODBEX ensures secure, transparent and certified storage of bullion bars bought on the platform. Vaulting is operated by Loomis International – a market leader in precious metal logistics and vaulting solutions in the US, Switzerland and Denmark. Physical bars are held in the vaults specifically on behalf of each user, with serial numbers of bullion bars linked to users’ accounts. Stored bullion bars are audited on a regular basis by independent auditors.

Delivery of Precious Metals

Request the withdrawal of your precious metals at any time. GODBEX guarantees safe, fast, and discrete delivery of bullion bars via FedEx. The delivery of bullion bars is insured above and beyond the standard insurance level supplied by FedEx: GODBEX offers additional insurance to cover any losses that might occur. Therefore, you are not liable for any damage.

How It Works

Start Trading: Step-by-Step

Buying, selling and trading on the GODBEX platform is easy, safe and quick.


Create an account and verify your identity. 


Deposit bullion bars you already own or fiat currency to start.

Start trading

Buy and/or sell any precious metal.

GODBEX Trading Options

Orders are investor’s instructions on how to buy or sell precious metals. Godbex offers a multitude of order types, ranging from simple, straightforward limit asks and bids, to more advanced types of orders that let the investors set precise limits as to where and when they want their order to go through. Finally, the investors can set auto orders which can both buy and sell precious metals for them when certain criteria are met.

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Why Choose GODBEX


GODBEX is a strongly regulated and audited platform. Bullion bars available for trading are standardized and from LBMA-approved refiners. Vaulting is operated by Loomis International, a specialist for international precious metal logistics and vaulting solutions, while the fast and discrete delivery of bullion bars is done via FedEx.

Smallest Fee

It is free of charge to register on GODBEX. There is a trading fee, which is charged when your order is executed. You will also be charged for an insured and secured vaulting and fully insured international delivery of precious metals. The trading fee for purchasing physical gold is 0.25% on every transaction – the lowest fee in the industry.

The Ease of Trading

The simplest way to trade and store physical precious metals. No prior knowledge and experience necessary. After registering, you choose the amount of investment gold you want to buy and place a bid. Once a seller is willing to sell the required gold at that price, your bid gets filled and you now own some gold.

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How to Start Trading on GODBEX?

How to Start Trading on GODBEX?

GODBEX represents the simplest way to trade and store physical precious metals, requiring no prior knowledge or experience. After registering, ...

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Our Entities

Precious metals exchange, co-founded by Moro, leading international bullion trader, and the technology company Infostream.

The technology company Infostream, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, represents the legal entity.

Leading international bullion trader in gold, silver, palladium and platinum. A company with 30-year experience that trades exclusively by the LBMA and World Gold Council standard.

The world’s first supply-and-demand based platform for buying, selling or trading precious metals. It is the next-generation exchange, representing the future of trading.

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Financial Disclaimer
Due to price fluctuations trading of precious metals involves certain risks. Price fluctuations can increase or decrease the value of your assets at any given moment. By trading on our site you acknowledge and accept the risk that buying, selling or trading will result losses. Before trading you should consider and evaluate if your financial situation and tolerance for risk is suitable for buying, selling or trading precious metals.
We provide information on the price and trading data of precious metals that are available on our site, but we do not provide any kind of financial or investment advice whatsoever. Any decision to buy, sell or trade precious metals is solely your decision and we shall not be liable for any loss suffered.
Always make sure that your fiat balance complies with active orders. When your current balance of fiat money will not match your active ask orders we will send you a notification through your account or via email. In this case you have a few options: you can either increase your inventory of fiat money, delete certain active ask orders or modify your active orders. In case several orders are active and your fiat balance does not comply with all of them, the order that was activated last will be paused.