It is absolutely free of charge to register on GODBEX. There is a trading fee, which is charged when your order is executed. You will also be charged for an insured and secured vaulting and fully insured, international delivery of precious metals. The trading fee for silver is 1% on every transaction; for platinum the fee is 0,45% and for palladium 0,20%. What makes GODBEX the most cost-effective is the trading fee on investment gold, which amounts to 0,25%, and is the lowest fee in the industry for purchasing physical gold.

Once you buy a bullion bar, you are presented with two choices: to have it delivered to your address or to leave it with GODBEX for safekeeping, a strongly regulated and audited platform. Vaulting is operated by Loomis International, a specialist for international precious metal logistics and vaulting solutions, while the fast and discrete delivery of bullion bars is done via FedEx. Each and every bullion bar available on the platform is standardized and comes from an LBMA-approved refiner.

GODBEX guarantees safe, fast, and discrete delivery of bullion bars via FedEx. The delivery of bullion bars bought is insured above and beyond the standard insurance level supplied by FedEx: GODBEX offers additional insurance to cover any losses that might occur. Therefore, you are not liable for any damage. All packages are fully insured (up to 50,000 euros in value), discretely wrapped, traceable, and delivered within 3-5 business days.

The fee for physical delivery of gold is 0,5% of the package value plus VAT; the fee is necessary to cover the package insurance.

GODBEX ensures secure, transparent, and certified storage of bullion bars bought on the platform. Every bullion bar held on your behalf is fully allocated, therefore all the bars are 100 % physically present at the storage facility. You will be provided with the serial numbers of bullion bars you own through your GODBEX account. Your precious metals remain physically on-site and are available to ship to your address whenever you choose.

GODBEX is committed to providing gold traders with the most secure form of gold ownership, offering fully allocated bullion bars that are not subject to counterparty or default risks associated with unallocated gold accounts. Every investor’s gold holdings are stored separately and identified as belonging to that investor, ensuring complete transparency and ownership protection. All bullion bars available on the platform are securely stored in a Loomis International vault, with ownership easily transferable without requiring physical movement of the bar itself. Upon purchasing a bullion bar on the platform, you will receive a serial number through your GODBEX account, ensuring complete traceability and authenticity of your investment.

Vaulting is operated by Loomis International, a specialist for international precious metals logistics and vaulting solutions. Loomis International is part of the Loomis Group that operates high security warehouses in the world’s most important financial centres, employing more than 23 000 people in 400 branches worldwide, ensuring the market leader position in the US, Switzerland, and Denmark. Their storages are equipped with latest web-based inventory management, giving you the ability to check your bullion bars around the clock from any location. The storage is completely independent from the banking system, not part of the bankruptcy estate and fully covered by the insurance policy – in no way can you lose your gold. Ever.

By registering, you appoint Infostream (a GODBEX legal entity) to:

  • establish a legal relationship between you and a third-party custodian, so you can vault your precious metals safely
  • access and transfer precious metals and fiat currency as required for the operation of the site
  • share your information with third-party custodians and banking providers
  • undertake the acts in certain circumstance that could impact your rights (freezing or blocking accounts and/or assets, terminating your relationship with us, prohibiting trading and similar acts)
  • act on your instructions in respect of buying, selling or trading precious metals, including the transfer of precious metals and fiat currency between users, making deposits and withdrawals, and etc.

You can revoke the above stated authorizations by closing your account. By registering an account you agree to keep your account activity (including orders, transactions and instructions) and information (including your password) confidential and to safeguard your own assets. Any actions on this site initiated from your account or using your password are considered to have been made by you and are irrevocable. Should you detect unauthorised use of your account or password, please notify us immediately.

At GODBEX, you can buy, sell or trade only the highest quality gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion bars with fineness over 999.5. GODBEX gives you access exclusively to the first-rate products on the market, produced by certified refiners that are key suppliers and producers of bullion bars and coins for some of the most important international banks: Argor Heraeus (Switzerland), PAMP (Switzerland), Austrian Mint (Austria), and Heraeus (Germany). GODBEX only works with refiners that deal in the LBMA-approved Good Delivery gold and silver bars.

LBMA is the acronym of the London Bullion Market Association, an international trade association representing the London market for gold and silver bullion.

In order to be accepted onto the Good Delivery List, refiners must undergo stringent checks on their history in the market, financial standing, ability to produce bars that meet the London Bullion Market Association standards, and minimum levels of production.

Stamped on each bullion bar, you will find the certificate of authenticity, the logo of the mint, country of origin, weight, fineness, assayer mark, and a unique serial number.

As defined by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the controlling and processing company of Personal Data is Inforstream d.o.o., Tehnološki park 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of your information when you use the service and tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects You.

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Financial Disclaimer
Due to price fluctuations trading of precious metals involves certain risks. Price fluctuations can increase or decrease the value of your assets at any given moment. By trading on our site you acknowledge and accept the risk that buying, selling or trading will result losses. Before trading you should consider and evaluate if your financial situation and tolerance for risk is suitable for buying, selling or trading precious metals.
We provide information on the price and trading data of precious metals that are available on our site, but we do not provide any kind of financial or investment advice whatsoever. Any decision to buy, sell or trade precious metals is solely your decision and we shall not be liable for any loss suffered.
Always make sure that your fiat balance complies with active orders. When your current balance of fiat money will not match your active ask orders we will send you a notification through your account or via email. In this case you have a few options: you can either increase your inventory of fiat money, delete certain active ask orders or modify your active orders. In case several orders are active and your fiat balance does not comply with all of them, the order that was activated last will be paused.