Hello World! GODBEX, the World’s First True Investment Gold Exchange, Just Launched

For the first time in the history, you can set the spot price of investment gold on your own terms. Let’s start trading on the open market.

The world’s first true investment gold exchange has been launched. For the first time in history, you can set the spot price of investment gold or any other precious metals on your own terms at GODBEX. As a supply and demand-based trading platform, GODBEX represents the simplest and most cost-effective way to trade and store physical precious metals!

‘The future of trading starts here,’ says Bojan Bratuša, co-founder of GODBEX and director of MORO, emphasizing: ‘At GODBEX, we’re proud to call ourselves the first true investment gold exchange in the world. We do not arbitrarily fix the price of gold to any number. Instead, we let users determine the price based on supply and demand. We do not interfere in this process in any way’.

The GODBEX trading platform was co-founded by the founders of MORO – a company with 30 years of experience in gold bullion trading that trades exclusively by the recommendation standards of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and World Gold Council. MORO is the second-largest EU company for physical gold trading and selling, founded in 1993 in Slovenia. In the SEE, it represents the 800-year-old Austrian coin manufacturer Münze Österreich of Vienna and established Swiss company Argor Heraeus SA. MORO was exclusively included in the Bitstamp system – the world’s longest-standing crypto exchange – in 2016, becoming the first company in the EU to allow buying investment bars by the means of Bitcoin. The GODBEX team consists only of highly educated experts, specialized in the fields of blockchain technologies, computer science, information technology, consulting, and gold investment. Expert advisors are researchers from the highest-ranked Croatian and Slovenian universities, as well as specialists in IT and commercial, tax, civil, administrative, and public procurement law.

With a global recession becoming a real possibility, gold is in focus for many investors who believe it to be a strong alternative to stocks and other assets during times of very slow growth. During six out of the last seven major recessions, from 1973 onwards, the price of gold increased. A recent study[1] observing the role of precious metals in portfolio diversification during the Covid-19 pandemic emphasized that ‘gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, all serve as safe-haven assets during periods of market distress across short, medium, and long investment horizons’.

‘Gold has its constant value, and because of this very simple but important fact, it is always in high demand, especially during tough financial times. Furthermore, investment gold is a tangible form of money that is easily transferable, has a high value, and represents the pinnacle of monetary liquidity. It provides financial security to the owner, but most importantly, gold completely eliminates the risk of principal loss. It serves as a means of diversification and reduces the overall risk of an investor’s portfolio. Several studies have shown that allocating 10 to 15 percent of financial assets to physical gold results in better long-term portfolio returns,’ says Irena Moro, co-founder of GODBEX.

‘When you decide to invest in gold, you are almost always presented with a compromise. Unless you are physically in possession of the gold you own, you must trust a third party to keep the gold. In some cases, you cannot even trace your possession to physical gold; this is sometimes described as ‘paper gold,’ where you hold the rights to some instrument that mirrors gold or has some connection to gold, but it does not guarantee you can exchange it for physical gold at any time. At GODBEX, you are buying physical gold from another party that trades on our platform. If you buy an ounce of gold, you own an ounce of gold. The only question is whether you want to take possession of the physical gold yourself, or if you want us to keep it safe for you in our secure vaults,’ says Bojan Bratuša.

As an innovative trading model, GODBEX offers a supply-and-demand based model of trading that enables registered users to trade certified gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars for significantly lower fees. GODBEX’s fee is 0.25% on every transaction, and it is a flat fee with no additional charges on trading. This fee is the lowest in the industry for purchasing physical gold. Registration is completely free, and you can choose from a variety of trading options, from the simplest for beginners to the most advanced for experienced traders, including Instant Buy options and Auto Orders.

The platform is carefully designed to be secure and simple to use. At GODBEX, you can buy, sell, or trade only the highest quality gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion bars with a fineness of over 999.5. GODBEX gives you exclusive access to first-rate products on the market, produced by certified refiners who are key suppliers and producers of bullion bars and coins for some of the most important international banks: Argor Heraeus (Switzerland), PAMP (Switzerland), Austrian Mint (Austria), and Heraeus (Germany). Stamped on each bullion bar, you will find the certificate of authenticity, the logo of the mint, country of origin, weight, fineness, assayer mark, and a unique serial number.

GODBEX ensures secure, transparent, and certified storage of bullion bars bought on the platform. Vaulting is operated by Loomis International, a specialist in international precious metals logistics and vaulting solutions. Loomis International is part of the Loomis Group, which operates high-security warehouses in the world’s most important financial centers, employing more than 23,000 people in 400 branches worldwide, ensuring a market leader position in the US, Switzerland, and Denmark. 

Their storages are equipped with the latest web-based inventory management, giving you the ability to check your bullion bars around the clock from any location. The storage is completely independent from the banking system, not part of the bankruptcy estate, and fully covered by the insurance policy. In no way can you lose your gold. Ever.

WELCOME TO GODBEX – The world’s first true investment gold exchange. Trade on the open market. Ask. Bid. Grow your wealth.

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[1] The role of precious metals in portfolio diversification during the Covid19 pandemic: A wavelet-based quantile approach, Huthaifa Alqaralleh and Alessandra Canepa, 2022.

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